‘Leftie Multi-Cultural Crap’

One can be as cynical as they want about the Olympic opening ceremony including the suitability of it’s expense in this ever deepening recession. However, perhaps a display of what is quintessentially British was what was needed to remind us that, although we’ve fucked up, we have a lot to be proud of. After all, money is money but happiness; that is something else. I’d like to think that the Olympic opening ceremony made people happy and if that costs 27million quid then so be it. Restoration of pride is what is needed in Britain to remind people that, although David Cameron wants to cut the NHS, we have something great going on here. Mr Cameron: take a look at the Olympic Ceremony and realise what makes US proud to be British and don’t attempt to sabotage something that is so defining of our country. Leftie multi-cultural pride.


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