The Drugs Don’t Work

I remember a few years ago when I could affirm that I did not know anyone that did drugs, had never been offered drugs, or even seen them. A couple of years later and everyone’s a casual drug user. People who you thought had back bone and self respect are just another pill pusher. I find it hard to comprehend why someone would want to put an unidentified pill, powder, plant- whatever, into their bodies. For what? A high- a low? the kick that it gives you knowing that you’re just killing yourself? It makes no sense.

The worst part is that young drug users are too egotistical to even think that they might get addicted. Addiction is for low-lifes, the unemployed, the lower class. Addiction is only correlated to these stereotypes because this is a cause of drug abuse. Those who become addicted to drugs don’t start out as low-lifes; they start out as anybody and then dissolve into addictive turmoil leading to the loss of pretty much everything: family, home, health and even the use of vital organs.

On the other hand there’s the glossy glorification of drugs in the upper classes. The rich banker and cocaine snorter. But that’s okay, we as a society can accept that. As long as it doesn’t bother us or riddle our streets then everyone turns a blind eye. Someone who took drugs to be part of the ‘crowd’ to be ‘popular’ gets pushed aside by society as soon as this recreational use turns into the wrong type of addiction. So, that ket, weed, pill, powder, injection doesn’t seem as ‘fun’ or acceptable now, does it?

To be honest, it probably does, and this is too late for you: you’re addicted.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve: the drugs won’t fucking work.


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