Survival of the Fittest

Love is no happy ever after
No fairytale, no perfect ending.
It’s settling for what you can put up with
Ease and comfort founding the equation

There’s no love at first sight,
It’s impersonal
Infused upon reciprocation
A mutual business transaction-

Romance is purely passing the time
Sex: two animals coming together
And love just a myth
A survival mechanism

So don’t fucking talk to me about love,
It’s only genetics
You’re just saying “you’ll aid my survival”
Not “I’m in love with you”.


2 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. Back in 2013, I would have thought you had a more optimistic view of love than this. I believe in love at first site, but it’s not real love, it’s just lust and the correct combination of pheromones. If loving people is difficult, get a puppy. They’ll melt your heart. Mine is mush when my little dog stares into my eyes.


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