The Peer Pressure Challenge


Me and my husband decided, rather than bend over to the new societal craze of pouring ice (or sometimes not even icy) water over oneself to raise ‘awareness’ for ALS, we would commit to donating to two charities each month: the NSPCC and MIND. Two charities that are close to both of our hearts. Not that it needs any justification.

Tentatively, I uploaded the picture of what we had done online, slightly nervous at breaking the plethora of ice-soaking ‘hilarity’ recorded on smartphones nationally. It’s not a snub but I’m sick of charitable donations being conceived as a one-off phenomenon whenever facebook tells us to do so; a second of charitable donation, wiped from memory quicker than you can run to the towel that your ice-bucket accomplice holds readily for you. No more self-less than self-indulgent, counting up the facebook likes and exclaiming to your peers “Did you see my ice-bucket challenge!?”. Of course we fucking did.


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