Watershed Rape

Rape. It doesn’t have a watershed.

The rapist doesn’t think ‘Oh, shit! It’s before 9, better not rape this victim’. So why should television portray it any differently. As if rape is only committed by a man, towards a woman, outside of the home, in the dead of night. Rape permeates domestic bliss, it permeates the sanctuary of family, so why shouldn’t it permeate your television screen before 9pm?

It shouldn’t. And it infuriates me that people persist in complaining about such scenes on T.V. As if their opinion matters; as if they have a right to complain. They don’t. There’s no way to portray rape discreetly, to make it accord to pre-watershed expectations. How can you make something corrupt and immoral conform to idyllic moral expectations? Life isn’t moral – it’s not ideal.



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