To all the albums I have loved before (Taylor’s Version)

Pushed from the precipice,climbed right back up the cliff,Long story short, I survived.long story short - Taylor Swift, evermore How can Taylor Swift continually create albums that not only perfectly reflect how I feel, but come at the time when I need them? Red (Taylor's Version) came out on Friday (12th November) just when I… Continue reading To all the albums I have loved before (Taylor’s Version)

Live for a Career

Laid out in front of you is a linear path: get your GCSEs, then some A Levels, a degree, a master’s if you’re good enough, maybe even a PhD, then start a career, and progress up a directionless ladder motivated by incremental salary increases, inflating responsibility and minimising personal time.  You must strive for these… Continue reading Live for a Career

Sundays in Suburbia

Sundays in Suburbia. The summertime hum of lawnmowers, the congenial rotation of mowing each other’s front garden. The reward of freshly baked brownies, so gooey they stick to the roof of your mouth like gum. The jovial “good morning” as paths of dog walking neighbours cross. The friendly wave as you drive past each other.… Continue reading Sundays in Suburbia

Into the Lion’s Den

Clubbing used to be so fun. Dancing away in heels that blistered and mutilated my feet: then realising that anything that hindered the fun was out, so the flats were very in (they also enabled a much wider variety of dance moves). The alcohol would flow and every favourite song would come on. We got… Continue reading Into the Lion’s Den

Blue Monday

"Thought I was mistakenI thought I heard your wordsTell me, how do I feel?Tell me now, how do I feel?"  New Order - Blue Monday   It's Monday the 21st of January: "Blue Monday" 2019. A day when emotion is universally prescribed "blue" ergo, depressed. A day which, whilst at the same time as bringing… Continue reading Blue Monday

“Believe in the UK”

Believe that the "UK" is a nation founded on abuses of power. Believe that the "UK" is the proponent of colonialism. Believe that as a result the "UK" enslaved peoples all over the world for its own gain. Believe that the "UK" can return to its former "glory days" of economic prosperity whilst ignoring the… Continue reading “Believe in the UK”

Fake Friends

In the midst of the festive season, navigating toxicity is paramount. It is essential to surviving what should be "the most wonderful time of the year" with your mental health in tact. Christmas seems to egg on those festering fakes to slide into your dms with a patronising "glad you're doing so well". Why don't… Continue reading Fake Friends