In Unison

Defunct hands turn
On a now timeless clock
Time is delineated by the sun
It rises and falls
As in unison we wake up
Walk into a makeshift office
Plug ourselves in
And type the day away

We form queues
Neat, ordered
As chaos ensues around us
Numbers inflate
Daily briefings do little
They do not dissipate
The continual dread

The new office love
Whose flame has now been smothered
Looks and glances
The brush of hand against hand
Is lost in translation
In a zoom conference
Secret whispers and comments
Fall flat as the video buffers

Tentative friendships
Founded on working hours
And break times
Become solidified in crisis
Infrequent exchanges
Polite hellos and goodbyes
Become hour long phone calls
And group chats on WhatsApp

Old friendships grow
Stronger than ever
As milestones are observed from a distance
Quizzes replace partying
Talking becomes the celebration
Doorstep drop offs
Window waves
Are the new normal
And we feel closer than ever



The lights that glitter over the sea,
the sliver of silver sparkle
in the shadows of the waves

that lull
then crash and creep

Gently upwards,
inwards and outwards

An ebb and flow
of sky, life and the sea
this is home to me –

it is more than just an estuary


There’s no peace,
Not in this life
Defined by body types
and whether you have a gap between your thighs

Success, written in the curvature
of your arse – or chest –
Measure me?
Be my fucking guest.

Do I meet the requirements?
Have I passed the test?
Too large, Doesn’t fit the mould
they said

Nonetheless, bodies reduce to bones
a skeleton: equal in the end
No evidence is left
What did you expect?

So, how big is your coffin when you die?
How many attendees at your funeral,
what did you leave behind?
A bank balance

-That’s nice



People don’t change
They show what they truly are
It’s all just a masquerade
Removing the façade, the mask.

Playing pretend
Like we all fucking care
We all know what we’re out for
Self preservation
It’s all clear in the end

We wipe off the make up,
tear back the lies,
And we’re left naked, alone,
then we die.


People always leave,
Like buses we come and go
We move on to the next stop
Determined by society.

The briefest exchange leaving a mark on us
Will we travel to that place again?
See the same sights on our travels
Or are we destined to finish our route alone

Maybe we will cross paths again,
Number 7 and number 24
Until then we will travel aimlessly
To stops in which are pre-destinate

Survival of the Fittest

Love is no happy ever after
No fairytale, no perfect ending.
It’s settling for what you can put up with
Ease and comfort founding the equation

There’s no love at first sight,
It’s impersonal
Infused upon reciprocation
A mutual business transaction-

Romance is purely passing the time
Sex: two animals coming together
And love just a myth
A survival mechanism

So don’t fucking talk to me about love,
It’s only genetics
You’re just saying “you’ll aid my survival”
Not “I’m in love with you”.