Fairwell to the Fairground

Life isn't about fun and games, those ideals spoon fed to us as children, as teenagers, are nothing more than  candy floss coloured, E numbered up, sugar coated lies. "Eat up it's good for you" the smarter of us are reassured whilst we hold these spoon-fed lies in our mouths reluctant to swallow it down… Continue reading Fairwell to the Fairground


People don't change They show what they truly are It's all just a masquerade Removing the façade, the mask. Playing pretend Like we all fucking care We all know what we're out for Self preservation It's all clear in the end We wipe off the make up, tear back the lies, And we're left naked,… Continue reading Pretend

The University of Reality

It seems that every expectation becomes diluted when reality reaps its poison onto it, rotting all your dreams, all your hopes and all your wishes into an abyss of decay.  The dream of University has entered this abyss, it has been tainted by reality, and what a revelation! University is just another part of that… Continue reading The University of Reality