I’m Zena, 25, and have recently stumbled into full blown adulthood. I’ve been blogging haphazardly and inconsistently since, what, like 2010? A period in which I’ve moved about 10 zillion times: from Southend-on-sea down to Southampton, back up again, around a bit and then up again to finally settle in Edinburgh.  I’ve been in Edinburgh now for over 6 months, of which the majority has been spent labouring over my MA dissertation, and simultaneously suffocating any desire to write leisurely. Since recently graduating from UCL with an MA in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History (I also hold a degree in English and History from QMUL) I have been continuing with my full time job (been working there for 8+ years) and searching, nonplussed, for an outlet for all these pent up words. So, here I am, back again.

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